9 Practices for Sending Better Emails

9 Practices for Sending Better Emails
Kinga Edwards May 17, 2023 Marketing

Are you struggling to compose emails for your business?

Are your communications falling flat and failing to inspire the enthusiasm needed to gain new clients or retain existing ones? If so, it’s likely due to a lack of effort.

You can easily enhance your email communication efforts by taking advantage of a few tried-and-true strategies. Utilizing these simple practices can help you craft more impactful messages that will surely impress your audience!

1. Test and measure your email campaigns.

We’ve all sent emails with the intention of setting our audience up for success, yet we can never be certain that everything has gone according to plan.

Luckily, there are a number of tactics you can employ to gain a better understanding of how your campaigns fare – ranging from simple check-ins such as open rates and click rates to more advanced analytics like clickstreams and conversion rates.

2. Use a template for your subject line.

When crafting your subject line, it may be tempting to craft a custom one for every email. However, this practice can lead to less-than-optimal results and leaves you no option but to repeat it in other messages as well.

Instead of crafting a unique subject line for each email you send out, consider using a template instead. This will allow you to quickly insert the recipient’s name into their own experience rather than doing it manually each time – saving both time and space!

3. Emulate the “From” section in your emails.

A well-designed email can serve as an effective marketing tool and even act as a conversational opener. However, it might be prudent to consider the recipient’s familiarity with whom they’re corresponding with.

Therefore, if you send an email to someone who is not familiar with your primary organization or brand, it could be wise to include introductory text such as “Hello,” in order to entice them into opening up that missive before delving deeper into the content within. This will help keep their attentiveness level high!

4. Write engaging content that educates and inspires.

Are you ready for some enlightening content about your subject matter? If so, then this is a no-brainer. When crafting emails, it’s crucial to be mindful of the need for education and inspiration.

For instance, consider a combat sports platform aiming to establish itself as an industry authority. In their email campaigns, they can provide subscribers with insightful articles, video tutorials, or interviews with renowned fighters and trainers. These resources not only educate fans about various fighting techniques and training regimens but also inspire them to pursue their own combat sports journey.

To become an authority in your industry, you must consistently create content that educates and inspires potential customers. Your audience will trust what you have to say if they perceive that it is authentic.

5. Tell a story

If you’re composing an email, it’s important to get creative.

The world of business communication is an evolving arena that demands creativity and innovation in order to remain relevant.

Gone are the days when simply sending an ordinary email was sufficient; now we must craft carefully crafted narratives that represent our businesses while being easily understood by recipients.

but do it right!

Your email is an important marketing tool, but it must be deployed thoughtfully to yield optimal results. So why not make sure that you send your emails in an organized fashion?

For example, if you’re composing a series of e-mails for your website’s ‘send more’ campaign – one could be sent out per day. If you’d like to use them as lead finders and collect feedback from existing customers regarding their satisfaction with your service – then create multiple copies and send them all at once!

By leveraging the power of daily, weekly or quarterly emails, marketers can craft an effective communication strategy that will help them maintain rapport with their customers while providing value continuously. It is always a good idea to outsource to virtual assistants the repetitive tasks so a marketer can focus on higher output tasks in their work schedule.

6. Check your grammar

It is important to confirm that your grammar and punctuation are correct before sending out an email. It may seem like a trivial detail, but a misplaced comma or missing apostrophe could render the content inoperable.

Irrespective of its importance, many individuals tend to sub-consciously make grammatical errors when composing emails. Don’t let this happen to you! Review your text carefully for any potential spelling mistakes – ensure it is free from typos before hitting ‘Send’.

Are you a spelling fanatic? If so, it might be worthwhile to consider investing in grammar checking tools that could assist with this aspect of email correspondence. After all, many recipients are more likely to disregard emails which have typos and grammatical errors – even if the message itself is pertinent!

Make use of spell check on your browser as well as an add-on like Grammarly or English Proofer while drafting messages. This process can help achieve success when crafting emails as well as other communications material; after all it’s not something one can simply overlook!

There are numerous occasions in which punctuation may come up short. However, not addressing the most basic rules could lead to confusion or even loss of important emails within your organization’s inboxes!

Don’t forget about commas and periods when composing an email! Inconsistency can be rather jarring if you’re using them all over the place. Also keep an eye out for usage that may be out of place; it could indicate an attempt at humor or overemphasis on one particular word.

7. Create Headlines that are easy to read and click on!

Like an elevator pitch, a succinct headline is the ideal way to pique interest in your email. Yet, unlike the latter which only appears above the subject line and consists solely of just a few words or phrases – emails’ headlines can be up to 26 characters long!

Your dashboard headline should be concise, snappy and easy-to-read; its function is similar to those on social media: It’s meant for grabbing attention immediately so that you may entice recipients into clicking on it. This level of efficiency is achieved by making use of short, punchy sentences such as ‘Click now!’ when crafting an email subject line.

You’ll encounter other factors when crafting your subject line, such as adding pertinent information such as where you are located (if applicable) and whether there is any urgency attached to opening this message.

8. Check your images to make sure they are high quality!

Make sure that the images you choose in your emails have a high-resolution, and be certain to select images that are relevant to your content. If necessary, you may wish to adjust images within your email campaign in order to create impactful visuals – this is a simple yet vital step towards crafting an effective marketing outreach!

If you’re employing gifs for email content, ensure that they’re optimized for optimal performance. For instance, gifs should only be 3-5MB in file size and must display at a resolution of 72 dpi; otherwise they could impede readability or render email messages unreadable.

9. Use segmentation to find more customers

If you want to find the very best customers, segmentation can be a key weapon in your arsenal. It allows you to segment your list based on their similarities or disparities and identify which groups might be more receptive to your pitch than others.

Segmentation is an invaluable tool for optimizing email marketing campaigns. By creating multiple cohorts with distinct interests, preferences and buying histories, it’s possible to craft targeted messages that only reach those who are most likely to respond favorably.


Each day, the inboxes of over 250,000 people across our network open up – some more frequently than others. We all have the power to make a difference; these nine practices for sending better emails demonstrate how.



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