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Are you looking to bring your community together in a single platform?

With MailingR, you can start within a few minutes!


How to start?

It's super easy. You don't need ANY technical skills. Click "Start for free" and create your free account.

1. Integrate your favourite email tool

MailerLite, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, GetResponse.

2. Connect to Stripe

Connect MailingR with your Stripe account.

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3. Start selling

Add products, set prices and start selling. We’ll handle the rest!

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and add new product – your paid community.


Why is it worthwhile to create paid community?

✔ A paid community allows for monetization of content and interactions, providing a source of income for the creator and potentially generating revenue for the platform.


✔ Paid communities often result in higher levels of engagement and participation compared to free communities, as members have a financial investment and are more likely to actively contribute and take advantage of exclusive content and resources.

✔ With a paid community, the creator has more control over the content and members, including the ability to regulate behavior through moderation, as well as the ability to offer premium features and resources that are not available to non-paying members.



Integrate MailingR with Discord.

pair community membership
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Create “Additional Materials” for your newsletter with the most important data.


Customize your shopping basket

 to fulfill your requirements.

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Turn your community into a business.

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