Elements You Should Add To Each Newsletter

Elements You Should Add To Each Newsletter
Kinga Edwards March 12, 2023 Marketing

In the crowded space of your audience’s inbox, a captivating newsletter can stand out like a beacon. Done well, newsletters help build a relationship between your brand and its audience. They convey value, inspire action, and keep your readers informed. Crafting such an engaging newsletter calls for creativity and thoughtfulness. It’s like assembling a puzzle. The following are thirteen pieces to consider for your next newsletter.

Engaging Subject Line

It all starts with the subject line. It’s the first thing your subscribers see, the gatekeeper to your newsletter’s success. A ho-hum subject line can doom your email to the trash bin, unread. So, create something enticing that piques curiosity and encourages a click. Use action words, ask a question, or create a sense of urgency. For example, “Unleash your creativity with these tips!” is far more engaging than “Our monthly newsletter.”

Pro tip: you can use an affordable tool like Jasper AI to quickly create subject lines for any email you send to your subscribers. Yes, it’’s an investment, but it’s worth it as the email subject line is the single most improtant piece of any email you send.


Next up, personalization. It’s not just about adding the recipient’s name, although that’s a good start. Delve deeper. Segment your audience based on interests, purchasing behavior, or geographic location (an IP geolocation API can help). Then tailor the content accordingly. If someone recently bought a digital camera from your store, they’d appreciate photography tips in their next newsletter. That’s personalization at work.

Valuable Content

Your newsletter should be more than just a sales pitch. It’s a golden opportunity to provide value to your subscribers. Give them something they’ll find useful or entertaining. This could be a well-written or even automated blog post using an AI writer, a how-to video, or an exclusive interview. Offer value, and your subscribers will be eager to open your emails.

Consistent Branding

Consistency is a potent tool in your branding arsenal. Your newsletter should reflect your brand’s style and tone. This includes the color scheme, the type of imagery you use, the tone of your writing, and even the fonts. It helps your subscribers instantly recognize your brand, increasing familiarity and trust.

User-generated Content

Incorporate user-generated content, like customer photos or quotes, in your newsletter. It gives a voice to your customers, makes them feel appreciated, and adds authenticity to your brand. What’s more, it encourages other subscribers to engage with your brand and share their experiences.

Product or Service Highlights

While your newsletter should offer more than a sales pitch, it’s also an excellent channel to highlight your offerings. This could be a sneak peek at a new product or a spotlight on an underappreciated service. This kind of content can pique interest, generate buzz, and ultimately, drive sales.

Exclusive Deals or Discounts

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Exclusive discounts or early access to sales can make your newsletter a must-open. Offering and promo codes these exclusive perks shows appreciation for your subscribers and can drive quick sales boosts. Remember, the offer must feel exclusive to your newsletter subscribers to create that special feeling.

Industry News and Updates

Sharing industry-related news or updates is another great element for your newsletter. It positions your brand as an authority and keeps your subscribers informed about the industry. Whether it’s a legislative change such as GDPR, a new trend like NFTs, or an interesting piece of research, this kind of content can add depth to your newsletter.

Interactive Elements

Engagement is the name of the game, and interactive elements can ramp it up. It could be a mini-quiz, a poll, or a simple “click to reveal” element. These interactive bits keep your readers engaged and increase the time spent on your newsletter.


In the era of dwindling attention spans, infographics are a godsend. They present information visually, making it more digestible and memorable. A well-designed infographic can enhance your message, increase engagement, and get shared, expanding your reach.

Testimonials or Case Studies

Testimonials or case studies can instill confidence in your potential customers. They tell the story of how your product or service solved a real problem for a real customer. Include them in your newsletter to build trust and reassure your readers of your product’s value.

Call to Action (CTA)

Every newsletter needs a CTA – a clear instruction guiding your readers on what to do next. It could be to read a blog post, check out a new product, or share your newsletter with a friend. Use persuasive language, create urgency, and make your CTA stand out visually.


There you have it – thirteen elements to craft a more engaging and attractive newsletter. It’s not necessary to include all in each newsletter, but having a mix will help. Remember, your newsletter is an extension of your brand, a bridge between you and your audience. Make it count. Each piece matters, from the subject line to the CTA, all contributing to a harmonious, engaging whole. Happy newsletter crafting!


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